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Welcome to Vardavas Optics! A name in the optics industry since 1935!


SINCE 1935


Our History

Piraeus, 1935:

Michael Vardavas, who is the founder and pioneer of our company, begins his career as an optician by owning a kiosk, the only one in Greece acquiring an optical license for the execution of eyeglasses’ prescriptions and sale of eyewear products. After a period of time, this kiosk is converted into a small store that shares its space with a pharmacy. A few years later, the first integrated optical store in Greece will be created, under the name of Vardavas Optics.

Athens, 1975:

Vardavas Optics is expanding its activities to Athens, by opening the first optical store in Akadimias street (18, Akadimias str.). Michael Vardavas’ son, Evripidis Vardavas, who has already been an optician since the age of 19, completes his medical studies as an ophthalmologist surgeon and starts the operation of an Ophthalmology Clinic and Institute of Contact Lenses, located in 16, Akadimias Street, in Athens. After this point, Evripidis Vardavas along with his wife Anastasia Vardava are fully dedicated to the dynamic development of the optical store, Vardavas Optics, and the Ophthalmology Clinic.


Vardavas Optics is still located in 18, Akadimias Street and the team has grown even more with having also on board the third generation of the family, Korina and Katerina Vardava.

The renovated store of Vardavas Optics has its own technical laboratory in-house accompanied by an experienced technical team and fully equipped with the most advanced machinery for repair, processing and cutting of ophthalmic lenses. It’s also worth mentioning that our store proudly operates as an exemplar store for progressive eyeglasses thanks to our vast experience and deep scientific knowledge on the subject.

In addition, in order to get even closer to you from wherever you are, we have created our online store (, where you can see the majority of our products and make your purchases online, through a wide range of optical items and accessories!

Being always up to date with the latest developments in the fields of vision, optics and in the world of fashion, Vardavas Optics is totally connected with the provision of top-quality optical products (sunglasses and eyewear, prescriptions, contact lenses) and services, as well as for the deep knowledge and scientific approach.

At the same time, the Ophthalmology Clinic has been developed into a state-of-the-art diagnostic ophthalmology center, named Diavgia Ophthalmology Center, where Mr. Evripidis Vardavas is the scientific director.

The close collaboration between Vardavas Optics and Diavgia Ophthalmology Center is one of the reasons that has made us pioneers in our field.

We have always been by your side for almost nine decades for anything related to your eye health, with personal and exceptional service, with the deepest knowledge of our subject, with our own Ophthalmology Center and with own technical laboratory for your eyewear products. Nine decades that prove in practice that we know how to create what you ask from your optician and ophthalmologist: Trust.

We would like to truly thank you for your love and preference all these years and we wish you a pleasant tour in our new - online - store! We are looking forward to hearing from you for anything you might need regarding your vision, and it will be our great pleasure to provide you with our products and services!