Unique Services 

  •          Diavgia Ophthalmology Center

Vardavas Optics (18, Akadimias str.) could be perceived as a special case in the market, thanks to its close collaboration with Diavgia Ophthalmology Center (16, Akadimias str., 4th floor) where Mr. Evripidis Vardavas, ophthalmologist surgeon, is the scientific director. Therefore, our clients, if they wish, have always the capability to combine a comprehensive eye examination at Diavgia Ophthalmology Center with the purchase of optical products (sunglasses, eyeglasses, contact lenses etc) in only one visit! This is an exclusive provision of high standards based on our vast experience and scientific knowledge that can save you time and money.


For any further information regarding Diavgia Ophthalmology Center and its services, please visit the official website or contact us. 

  • Technical support

Vardavas Optics has created an experienced team of technical experts as well as its own technical laboratory in-house, fully equipped with the most advanced machinery for repair, processing and cutting of ophthalmic lenses. Therefore, we are able to always correctly execute any type of eyeglasses’ prescriptions and provide excellent technical support for every single case.


In case you face any issue with your pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses (either the frame or the ophthalmic lenses), you can easily visit our store or just send it to us to fully repair or replace it.


One of our principles is to make your life easier concerning your vision and we always try to find ways to completely satisfy your needs through our various services in one single place. 

  • Shop by appointment

Vardavas Optics offers you the opportunity to arrange an appointment with Mrs. A. Vardava or someone from our experienced sales team whenever you are available and wherever you want, either in our store or even at your place.

For any further information regarding this type of services, please do not hesitate to contact us.