Vardavas Optics, apart from being an optical store with a long history, consists also a center for progressive (or multifocal) glasses thanks to the vast experience and scientific knowledge on the manufacture of multifocal glasses over the last 50 years.

The category of progressive glasses is a very important one, as all people without exception develop presbyopia over time. The progressive glasses are the glasses that make our vision and our lives easier after the age of 40.

From time to time, customers come in our store (18, Akadimias str. Athens) and are negative towards the purchase of multifocal glasses either because they have heard negative comments about them, or because they have personally experienced difficulties in adapting themselves to this type of glasses.

And at this stage, we would like to inform you that all the above are just myths. This section has been created from our need to share with you our deepest knowledge and expertise regarding the multifocal glasses. More specifically, we will inform you about:

  • The advantages of multifocal glasses.
  • The needs that the multifocal glasses can cover and the range of age that they are related to
  • Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the multifocal glasses.

The potential users of multifocal glasses as well as those who already use progressive glasses, shall have the opportunity to be informed through this section, about anything related to progressive glasses and lenses.

Throughout the years, at Vardavas Optics, we have provided more than 30,000 multifocal glasses with great success. Have confidence in the ideal result, we guarantee even with a refund or, alternatively, the manufacture of new individual glasses in case a customer cannot adapt himself to multifocal glasses - something extremely rare at Vardavas Optics.

It is not a coincidence that we maintain long-term and trustworthy relationships with all customers either in Athens, in Greece or abroad. It is also not a coincidence that all these years we are at the top of the preferences regarding multifocal glasses - and not only.

Vardavas Optics will always continue to meet your vision needs and provide you with products and services with respect, quality, professionalism, knowledge and persistence for the perfect result.