I am a stable client of the Vardavas Optic House I and my family because I trust his knowledge and services in the issues of vision. I tried the multifocal glasses several years ago following a proposal by Mr. Euripides Vardava, who I absolutely trust, for better eyesight and I was satisfied. The comfort and ease of using them made me decide so that my sunglasses had multifocal lenses. I think the multifocal lenses of vision help us see better and practical! No more glasses for away and others nearby, but a couple that will allow us to see everything and better! I choose the Vardavas Optical House because I feel like they take care of me like their eyes ...! Vardavas Opticate Partners are always up -to -date, helpful and are trying to find the solution to every customer's requirement. I especially mention Ms. Tasoula Vardava, where she devotes a lot of time with each customer until they find together, the aesthetic on the skeleton and the right result to the application of lenses.I highly recommend to my friends to try the multifocal glasses for better vision and ease of use. I hope that the second generation of Bardava will continue the tradition of quality to services and above all the warm & human service to customers.

Iris Baloglou

Business Consultant, Executive Coach



Eye trial, the panties (There is an eye of the Divine Justice, who watches everything) Aeschylus ... That's why he wants the experienced and hospitable team of Euripides Vardava, to get one multi -appearance, which I have been wearing and have been wearing and have been wearing and wearing and I have been wearing and I see more "rightly !!"Quality of life and daily rest with only one pair of three that in the past I had.

Vardavas House after five minutes of training in me, with the patience and persistence of a week (so needed) "Uf !! Everything is perfect". Thanks to Mr. Euripides Vardava, because his experience and knowledge help me daily in my television difficult task.

Therefore, of course, I would recommend to friends and acquaintances the Vardavas Optic House to visit him and consult him so that they have a quality of life in the future that we all deserve. Very friendly,

Tasos Birzim

Director, Mega Channel



I could never imagine that with a single pair of glasses I would essentially deal with myopia, astigmatism and presbyopia that have been suffering for years, especially the different glasses for each case (long, near). It is so light and almost invisible that I owe gratitude to the Vardavas Optic House that has indicated the radical solution to my problem. Thank you.

Lula Cyprus




I am a customer of the Vardavas Optic House for a few decades now and that in itself shows that I feel like my own space. I have loved multifocal glasses because they make my life simpler and more comfortable.But they are glasses with demands, I want to say that not only a good (proper) examination is enough, it takes a very good visual to adapt them to the skeleton and a perfect face application to have something like natural vision. These are provided by the Vardavas Optical House. Mr Vardavas himself is an experienced ophthalmologist, but often descends from his office to the store to make sure the application of glasses will be perfect. That is why I have been a customer for decades, I know that he and his associates will take care of me, perhaps better than he would take care of himself. Mr. Vardava thank you for your care and interest and I want all my friends to become your customers.

Vassilis Keltsopoulos

Former Managing Director, Marfin Bank



Despite my initial reservations about the practicality of the multifocal glasses recommended by the Vardavas Optical House, the result was amazing.Easily in adaptation and practically to use. The ultimate 2 in 1 choice !! Another confirmation of my choice that for every problem of vision I trust the Vardavas Optical House over time. The advantages of this house are reliability and knowledge of the object.

That is why I would highly recommend him to one of the acquaintances and friends.

Theodore Tsagaris

Pensioner - employee, OTE



My experience of using multifocal glasses is very good. Easy and immediate adaptability of my eyes to this type of vision lens, as well as good vision, without ever having a problem. The uninterrupted, for many years, my preference at Varvavas House is in principle from the very good ophthalmological - medical monitoring of Mr. Euripides Vardava. It also comes from the particularly friendly and quality service of the store and the contact lens department, from the accuracy of compliance with the specifications of each of my order, the provision of proper direction and motivation in the selection of the vision skeleton and the speed of service.I would recommend to my acquaintance or friend to make multifocal glasses in your store as I have done with the people in my family, that is, my husband and my mother who use the multifocal glasses they have from you, and are completely satisfied.

Marietta Skoula

Pensioner - Bank Manager



The multifocal glasses I have acquired for about five years from the Vardavas Optical House have completely changed and fully facilitates my visual behavior in terms of reading and driving a car and offering a relative automation to the general alternation of vision needs between "nearby "And" away ".

I would highly recommend the Vardava Optical House, to anyone who would like to turn its presbytery into polyesful glasses asThe store's services far exceed the implementation of a self -evident and ordinary service.

Irene Eleftheriadou Papanastasiou

Physician - biopathologist



First of all, I am excited about the multifocal glasses I have made, all the years I use this kind of glasses, in Vardavas Optical House.

My confidence in the good result was gained thanks to the severity of each case by Mr. Vardava himself and his associates.

Obviously I would recommend to any of my acquaintances to make multifocal glasses in your store. With many thanks for the good services you have offered us.

Giannis Ventourakis

Architecture engineer



"Near" glasses, "distant" glasses, shut-down-lale-boiled ...

Dr. Euripides Vardavas convinced me that the best solution was to wear multifocal. But I happened to pick up my first multifaceted on September 11, 2001. I didn't wear them on the street because I was seeing a bit weird in the beginning, but as soon as I got home, the TV was open and I saw a plane fall on the Twin Towers. I took out the multifocal and wore my old glasses. Again a plane fell on the towers. I re -weighted the multifocal. I changed television channel. Again the plane. I could not believe what I was seeing.

I watched this shocking spectacle and the incredible statements of various "public people" for many hours. In two days I was really used to the multifocal glasses and since then I only take them to sleep. Since then I have told many friends this story by urging them to visit the Vardavas Optical House and to make them too.

Manolis Vassilakis

Director of “Athens Review of Books”



From a young age I had hypermetropia and I once started to have difficulties in reading. An orthopedist friend suggested to me to get my hands on me, but I preferred to put glasses that at first I used to read only to read.

Later I got astigmatism, a colleague talked to me for multifaceted. He explained to me that they would serve me very mainly in my work where I wouldn't have to get out and put my glasses to write.

When I discussed it at home, the opinion of the Divine Cleus was that "they are not used" and of divine Thalia that "you will throw away your money". In a survey of public opinion in my work environment, 70% said "very unhappy" with 40% "you will throw them in 3 days" and 30% "you will lose your money". They were happy 20% and 10% "didn't answer".

At that time, 25 years ago I had my clinic next to that of Mr. Euripides Vardava. He explained to me that getting used to or not was a matter of calculating lenses from an experienced ophthalmologist/optician.

He convinced me, made them, I wore them and left without getting them out. The same thing happened to my wife and with friends I sent, but I didn't manage to persuade my aunts (they are old and you don't change their minds with anything).

George Delidis

Doctor - Pathologist




I started wearing the polyesy glasses at the urging of Mrs Vardava and her associates. The results of the use of these glasses so far are spectacular. Bardavas Opticate Associates in addition toexperienced professionals, emitwillingness, warmth and is always with thesmile on the lips. The combination of the above makes the Vardavas Optical Housetop andpioneer in the field of optic.

George Gekos

Dr. Economist




I amCustomer loyal At Vardavas Optical House and I am very pleased with the quality of the lenses you provide and the pleasant service. I feel a lot ofSatisfied with the multifocal glasses, which I wear all day and I have no headache, as I had before with 2 different pairs of glasses (distant - close). By wearing the multifocal glasses,I immediately adapted without having any problems at all.

Thank you for your immediate and friendly service all these years.

Constantine Patsili

Private employee